March for Life: Redirect Funding

People in Canada are struggling, especially the elderly. Accessing palliative care is becoming more and more difficult to access due to lack of funding. Meanwhile, the liberal government is sending your hard earned money to fund pro-abortion groups overseas. Sign this petition, and share it with your friends to sign, so that I can have the opportunity to stand up in the House of Commons and call for an end to this misuse of Canadian money. 


  • Many Canadians do not agree with the abortion of unborn babies for moral, ethical, and religious reasons.  
  • It is not the responsibility of Canadian taxpayers to fund unwanted abortions in other countries while there are funding gaps in our own healthcare system.   
  • Canadians are suffering due to the lack of accessible palliative care and the government chooses to ignore this while pushing morally corrupt agenda’s in other countries.  

Therefore we, the undersigned citizens and residents of Canada, call upon the House of Commons to: 

  • Stop all funding of abortions in foreign countries, especially in Central America.  
  •  Redirect the funding being given to international pro-abortion groups towards programs that support the dignity of Canadians. 

Who's signing

Samuel Kennedy
Hilly Boers
Sara Justinico
Sandra Dykstra
Levi Blois
Sam McBain
Lisa Hanash
Karl Santaguida
Maria Gainey
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  • Hilly Boers
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  • Sandra Dykstra
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  • Levi Blois
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  • Sam McBain
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