The NDP Plan To Eliminate 4x4 Use From Castle Provincial Park

The NDP want to stop you from off-roading with your Jeep.

The Alberta NDP have banned all Jeeps and other Highway Vehicles from off-roading in Castle Provincial Park and Castle Wildlands Provincial Park. They have also announced plans to limit the use of OHV's (Off Highway Vehicles) such as quads, dirt bikes, side by sides and snowmobiles in the Castle Parks with the end goal of completely phasing out their usage in the next 3-5 years.

This is an existential threat to our rural way of life. We must not take this lying down. We must unite as Albertans and show the NDP government that they have no right to infringe on our right to responsibly enjoy the great outdoors. If they can get away with this in one area of the province there's nothing stopping them from doing it elsewhere.

Fortunately, there is still time to have your say as the consultation process for this decision is still underway until March 20, 2017. To voice your concerns email and cc our environment minister Shannon Phillips at

You can also contact your local MLA and voice your disproval on this disastrous decision. To find out who you MLA is and how to contact him click here:

Sign my petition against this here:…

For more information on this whole scenario click here:

Please share this video so that all Jeeper's , 4x4er's, snowmobiler's and dirt biker's across the province are aware of this situation and have a chance to stand up for their right to responsibly enjoy the great outdoors!

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