Scrap the Carbon Tax on Farmers



Whereas the Trudeau carbon tax has made it more expensive for the farmers who grow our food, the truckers who ship the food, and everyone who buys the food.

Whereas the Liberal-NDP costly coalition wants to quadruple the tax to 61 cents a litre.

Whereas #JustinFlation has caused food prices to hit record highs, making life more expensive for all Canadians.

And whereas Conservatives have put forward a common sense bill to carve out Trudeau’s tax for natural gas and propane fuel used by the farmers who grow our food.

Therefore be it resolved that we call on all senators to fast track and pass this common sense Conservative bill to carve out Trudeau’s tax on our farmers and bring home lower food prices for all Canadians.



Will you sign?

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  • J O
    published this page 2023-11-14 09:34:56 -0500