Hello there! Thanks for visiting my personal website specifically tailored to my constituents. This website will act as a tool to assist the people in my riding of Peace River -Westlock in the following:

- Keeping up to date on what I'm doing, both in Ottawa and in the riding

- Signing up to attend various events

- Volunteering for Team Viersen

- Contacting me with any comments, questions or concerns you might have

I hope this website will be a useful tool for all of you and if you have any comments/suggestions feel free to contact me.


Arnold Viersen, MP for Peace River - Westlock 


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  • Brian Benoit
    commented 2019-05-17 21:16:50 -0400
    I am asking for your help and advice. There is a film, “Unplanned” available to be shown in Canada and the main stream theaters are choosing not to show it. It has been shown, for free, at the Rexhall Center, in Edmonton. It was filled to capacity and the response was positive. I would appreciate some suggestions for venues to show this film to make it available to the people of Alberta and, ultimately, all of Canada. It’s interesting to note that it was shown in main stream theatres in the US and did well there.

    As you are aware, Canada doesn’t have a law limiting access to abortion. There are a large number of people that are very disturbed by this. In fact, politicians would seem to purposely avoid the subject, even though a great number of people want it addressed. As a conservative I am hopeful that, with a leadership change, this will change and finally the topic of what constitutes a legal abortion will be addressed and defined. Thank you, Dixie Anderson
  • Alix Dawes
    commented 2019-05-17 10:16:08 -0400
    You will be voted out of parliament because of your anti-abortion views. Shame on you for trying to control womens bodies.
  • David Thomas
    commented 2019-03-26 12:45:21 -0400
    Hi Arnold.

    I read a very significant article and I think you should read this to help you formulate a biblical worldview that addresses issues of public education, scientism, healthcare and statism in the context of the historic conflict between YWHH and the idols of man. It is thoughtful and sound. I felt the Lord prompt me with your name as I read it.

    Baal worship Ancient and Modern. http://static1.1.sqspcdn.com/static/f/923864/15339521/1322574888320/Baal+Worship.pdf?token=gQC7d0rTeUjg5udUdcx9UwvCn4A%3D
  • Sumit Ravat
    commented 2018-08-12 08:54:39 -0400
  • Patty Mattos
    commented 2018-06-28 16:11:28 -0400
    I love your content, I hope to see someone someday like you here in my country. #thanks https://www.zumvu.com/violao-online/post/77395/
  • Hans Lehmann
    commented 2018-03-15 13:44:52 -0400
    i like your page &thanks for your good work!
  • Hans Lehmann
    followed this page 2018-03-15 13:40:14 -0400
  • Karen Spurrell Cartwright
    commented 2018-01-26 13:08:26 -0500
    I realize it is rural crime you were addressing but we also need something done in the town of BARRHEAD ….it is out of control even if certain people think it is not and FCSS does not have any programs to help …we as a town need solid programs put in place by government to help address this problem. ..so tired of the theft and hearing story after story and nothing being done … thank you
  • Judy Stefan
    commented 2018-01-18 18:47:06 -0500
    Yes, I have noticed an increase in rural crime, theft from farm buildings, and also theft from mail boxes. etc.
  • Melissa Ouellette
    commented 2017-09-27 19:09:09 -0400
    I am writing because I feel very intimidated when I think about what the new tax reform means. I feel that it will cripple small towns. I know that Mr. Trudeau mocks those that choose to live rurally and even though he dresses up and role plays on a tractor, he has no idea what real work is. Nor do these tax reforms affect him in any way, shape or form. The gap will widen. We middle class are treated like serf’s. Why is he so against people who make hard earned money? People who farm and own small businesses do not have 9-5 or Monday to Friday. He is trying to pit one middle class group against the other and I hope we don’t play into it. It’s all been lies from the beginning. When Trudeau was first elected a co-worker said to me: We lived through one Trudeau, we’ll live through another. This may be true, but what will be the state of us and Canada after?
  • Diane Watts
    commented 2017-09-05 11:37:22 -0400
    Nobody seems to be addressing this “middle class” problem. The Liberal government has little concern for the middle class. Self employed Canadians must pay GST as soon as they earn $30,000 annually. This is a disincentive for middle income earners to earn more than $30,000 since earning one penny over $29,999 costs you $4,492.50. The GST was introduced in 1991. The Conservative government failed to index the $30,000 to inflation. If it had, the threshold at which the self employed would pay GST in 2017 would be $47,351 today. An adjustment to this would help struggling families.
  • Bruce Leslie
    commented 2017-08-18 22:45:28 -0400
    The devastating tax changes being brought in by the Liberals and Mr Marneau are the most hurtful to small business and the farming community. It defines the Liberals as the most destructive political party to ever hold government . It’s so called " Fair Tax Act" should be re-labelled " Unfair Tax Act because that is what it is in simple words.
  • Peter Smerychynski
    commented 2017-08-18 22:28:15 -0400
    hi Arnold,i was just wanting to bring to your attn the proposed changes to the taxation and deferred payments of farm income. It appears to be ablatant attack on our farming community by the federal Liberals. this impacts our family farms and also farm succession planning aswell as retirement. please sound the alarm and bring it to the attn of Mr.Murno. These are fundamental game changers in our community and a threat to our family businesses. the comments to the proposal call our business and our incomes as unfair and that is in itself an attack on businesses. Your comments would be appreciated and please stand up for our families.
  • Tiffany Giesbrecht
    commented 2017-03-29 10:58:49 -0400
    I’m so incredibly thankful for what you are doing!
  • Robert Suffel
    commented 2017-03-26 17:10:49 -0400
    Thank you for trying to stop political correctness at its worst (personalized licence plates)
  • George & Linda Teichroeb
    commented 2017-03-23 14:53:03 -0400
    Dear Arnold Viersen.
    Bill m103 is an attack on Canadian democracy. On behalf of everyone I know and talk to in this constituency and in Alberta they are against this bill. Please stand up for Canadian freedom and safety which this bill will destroy. This bill threatens what our country has worked hard to protect. We believe in what you stand for Arnold Viersen and trust you will vote against this bill. Thank you for your hard work to protect our country.
  • Bruce Leslie
    commented 2017-01-26 14:09:41 -0500
    Hello Arnold. Recently I found out about a private members bill being introduced in the House of Commons by Liberal MP Iqra Khalid . The Bill M103 is an out right attack on our Charter of rights and freedoms and our right to free speech. No News Media and no opposition Members have said any thing about this viscous attack. I am just appalled that in a democracy that no one is objecting to this terrible piece of legislation. It puts Muslims in a elite position while the citizens of this country cannot voice any opposition to this Bill M103. This is a great travesty . Please stand up for us and let it be known this bill should not be passed at all costs. Thank you Bruce Leslie.