End the Mandates

Canadians have and continue to say no more Covid-19 mandates. We have seen large rallies and convoys of thousands of people calling for an end to mandates.

The Liberal government has implemented federal vaccine mandates for Postal Workers, RCMP Officers, Military, Truckers and for Travellers. These mandates have impacted many communities and services, especially trucking, rural policing and postal services. 

The Prime Minister has used vaccine mandates to wedge, stigmatize and divide Canadians.

Dr. Theresa Tam has said that all existing public health measures need to be "re-evaluated" so that "we can get back to some normalcy." Canada needs to follow the science and lead of other countries like Ireland, Sweden, Norway, Israel, The UK, Spain and Denmark and remove Covid-19 restrictions and mandates.

Canadians want their lives back.

Sign here to say end all Covid-19 mandates and restrictions.

Will you sign?