No Forced Fertilizer Reduction

The Liberals have unilaterally decided to reduce Canada’s use of nitrogen fertilizer. We have seen the devastation that fertilizer reductions have brought to the crops and country of Sri Lanka. The farmers in the Netherlands are extremely alarmed as to what reductions will do to their livelihoods.

Canadian farmers are already dealing with many stresses including inflation, rising carbon taxes, tariffs on fertilizer and now this Liberal imposed fertilizer reduction. This policy will decrease yields, cause food prices to skyrocket and make food security a greater concern.

Canadian farmers already produce the most sustainable agri-food products in the world, and they're continually being asked to do more with less. They cannot feed the growing world population with a forced reduction in fertilizer. Our farmers deserve appreciation not more pressure.

Say no to to the Liberals' arbitrary 30% reduction of nitrogen fertilizers in farming!

Will you sign?