End the Travel Mandates

There is ample evidence that the time has come to remove Covid-19 mandates and allow all Canadians to travel. The Liberal government needs to follow the evidence and remove their unscientific mandates.

Across the globe countries are removing all of their Covid and vaccine mandates including for air travel. As of March 18th, the UK has removed all mandates for air travelers. However, the Liberals have no plan to remove vaccine mandates and masks on planes.

According to Westjet’s first Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Tammy McKnight, as of April 23, 2021, there had been no known case of COVID-19 transmission onboard any Canadian aircraft. An International Air Transport Association study in 2020 found that out of 1.2 billion passengers worldwide, only 44 cases of COVID-19 were reported as flight-related transmission, which works out to 1 in 27 million travelers.

The vaccine mandate imposed on Canadians taking domestic flights, trains and ferries is an unreasonable infringement of their rights and freedoms that cannot be demonstrably justified in a free and democratic society.

The Federal government needs to follow the lead of other countries and the provinces and remove all Covid-19 vaccine mandates especially for flying.

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