Defund the CBC

More and more Canadians are fed up with the CBC’s radical left-wing agenda and it's exorbitant costs. The CBC costs taxpayers more than 1.2 Billion dollars a year. Earlier this year, former CBC producer Tara Henley wrote about the rot at the core of CBC News. Tara said the CBC embodies "some of the worst trends in mainstream media" and is now "churning out clickbait that reads like a parody of the student press."

The CBC undercuts the private sector while often providing opinions and coverage that would be widely available in a free and competitive media marketplace. CBC television is being watched by less than 3.9% of Canadians and CBC news broadcasts are being watched by less than 1% of Canadians.

The CBC continues to shell out bonuses and raises to it's employees while asking for more money. One of the most recent examples of this is $42 million dollars announced in the Fall Economic Statement. 

Instead of individual Canadians cutting their Disney+ subscriptions, the Government should be cutting the CBC.

Enough is enough. It is imperative that we fix our ability to have healthy political discussion but that is not possible while our more than 1.2 Billion dollar state funded broadcaster runs interference for the Liberals.

It is past time to Defund the CBC!

Will you sign?