How You Can Help

Over the next 120 days, Canadians can ask the Minister of Health to incorporate recommendations with a focus on protecting youth and reducing violence against women and girls, such as:

• Introducing meaningful age verification
• Updating sexual health curriculum with warnings about pornography
• Working with industry to develop opt-in filters
• Providing funding for more research
• Developing a Public Health Awareness Campaign


Three Things You Can Do

There are three simple things you can do this summer to help advocate for a robust public health response to violent pornography.

  1. Write or email your MP and the Minister of Health. Hope For The Sold has a great template letter [here] or I would encourage you to write a personal letter that includes the recommendations.
  2. Sign a petition on age verification [download here]. The last petition you signed lead to M-47 being unanimously adopted. Now let’s call for the development of effective age verification technology.
  3. Tweet & Tag your MP and the Minister of Health using social media graphics [download here] created to communicate the importance of a robust public health response to the impact of violent pornography.

Together we are cultivating a Canada that upholds the dignity of women, combats violence against women and girls, and protects the spirit of our boys.

Thank you for helping to make a difference!